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4 steps to fall in love with meditation

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I'm Yemmie

I’m an entrepreneur, meditation teacher, and speaker. I’m dedicated to helping people feel relaxed and refreshed through meditation. After a meditation session, you’ll feel so relaxed and refreshed – you’ll happily fly through your to-do list, without your afternoon shot of espresso (or nap – no judgment here)!

Let’s Work Together

I love partnering with companies to bring Mindfulness into the workplace – or any gathering you can think of, from birthday parties to retreats, to the occasional art show.


During the meditation session, I’ll verbally guide you and your group through deep breathing exercises and meditation practices, all designed to help you release stress and tension. Meditation sessions range from 30-60 minutes long and will benefit people whether they’re new to meditation or an experienced mediator.


Everybody deserves a few moments of calm during their day – even if it’s only a 30-minute meditation session, squeezed in-between back-to-back meetings.

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We’ll finalize the logisitics, and then it’s time to meditate (in-person or virtually), release tension, and feel refreshed.

About Yemmie

The first time I tried meditation was in 2015 at a meditation retreat in Northern California. At the time, I was working as a Biotech Engineer and I was looking for a mini-vacation after a stressful week at work (back-to-back meetings, super tight timelines, a never-ending to-do list … ever been there?). I kept hearing that meditation helps with stress, so I thought “Why not give it a try?”.

During that 4-day retreat I meditated every day. I felt so rejuvenated, that I realized, I needed to share what I learned with the world! That’s when I started my journey from being an Engineer to becoming a Meditation Teacher.


Since finishing my training in 2018, I’ve led meditation sessions with 20+ companies and hundreds of people – and enjoyed every moment of it.

Want to know more about me?
Here are a few fun facts:

  • My name, Yemsrach, means “good news”, and is a surprisingly common name in Ethiopia (where I’m from)
  • I received my Engineer degree from Cornell University (go Big Red!) and I’ve worked as an Engineer for 10+ years
  • I currently live in Brooklyn, but consider San Francisco “home”
  • When I’m not meditating, you’ll find me jogging in Prospect Park or enjoying a glass of Cabernet with friends

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4 steps to fall in love with meditation

Learn how to make meditation enjoyable in 4 easy steps. Get the workbook and learn the key steps that I share with all my students and companies.